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Firewheel Estates Neighborhood Garage Sale
   April 26 - 27, 2019
We have a new volunteer to coordinate the spring, 2019 garage sale event.

Let's Do It! -- Firewheel Estates Spring 2019 Garage Sale - April 26-27

Time to put "theart of decluttering" into practice with our spring garage sale! Please join your neighbors - the more, the merrier - in this fun community activity.

Participants must drop off $5 (cash only, please), along with your name and address, to Barbara at 5806 Firecrest Drive, by Tuesday, April 23.

Signs will be placed at all the main street corners pointing in your direction, but you are encouraged to put out your own yard signs. Let's hope for a sunny,successful weekend!

Questions? Call Barbara Baynham at972-495-3569 or Carole Kaney-Francis at 214-395-6782.

After the sale . . .

Soul's Harbor can pick up any unsold goods if you would like to do donate them to charity.

Contact them at 972-286-1940 to schedule a pickup for that Saturday afternoon.

Firewheel Estates has two community-wide garage sales every year.  The first is mid-April and the second is mid-October.  It's easy
 to participate and, the more people involved, the more traffic we'll get to your garage.  We place ads in local papers and use social networking to spread the word.  We'll even get your permit from the City of Garland.  There is a $5.00 fee to cover these expenses. We also secure all of the City of Garland permit numbers for garage sale signs. The coordinator places signs out on all of the main street corners, but each participant is responsible for putting out signs pointing to their sales.

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