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Recycling Info

Firewheel Estates Goes Green


Firewheel Estates can go green easily by just taking advantage of the existing recycling services provided by the city.  This is a list of what you can recycle and where. 


Curbside pick-up is available every other week in the blue recycling cans or red rectangular receptacles, every other week.  If you don’t have a recycling bin you should call the Garland Recycling Center at 972-205-3500 and order yours today.  It’s FREE!  Here is a list of what you can recycle in these bins:


            Aluminum, steel and tin cans (rinse out any food, throw away lids)

            Glass bottles and jars (rinse & remove lids)

            Plastic containers #1 - 5, & 7 (remove lids)

            Aerosol cans that do not contain chloroflourocarbons (CFC’s)

            Cardboard boxes and cardboard food containers, flattened

            Magazines, catalogs and junk mail

            Shredded documents (laced in sealed plastic bags)



Recycling cans should be out, curbside, by 7 am on pick-up day - 4' from the regular trash can.  All trash containers should be concealed from view at all other times.


*   *   *


There are also items that can be taken directly to the Garland Recycling Center at 1426 Commerce St.  These items are: 


            Any of the items listed above

            Any other metals


            Corrugated boxes

            Used oil filters

            Auto and truck batteries

            Used motor oil and transmission fluid


*   *   *


Hazardous waste items can be recycled at the Home Chemical Collection Center located at 11234 Plano Rd.  These items include:


kitchen grease



used antifreeze

other plastic products of types #3 thru #7


*   *   *


If you have any questions about recycling just call Garland Recycling Services Customer Service Department – 972-205-3500.  For additional information, go to



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